Channel 4 Investigates Kirkwood School District

Why Does Kirkwood Not Sell the Lindeman Property?

In case you missed it, the Channel 4 Investigative Team on Oct. 22 ran a story on Kirkwood School District finances.  Watch this story by clicking on the Channel 4 logo below to learn how the district is sitting on a property worth millions.  The sale of this property could help taxpayers by generating tax revenue through the sale of the property and then into the future with property taxes on new homes.  Instead of giving taxpayers a break on property taxes through the sale of unused valuable property being held for a generation, the district tried to raise taxes.  While many of us remember the days when Kirkwood High School was adequate for 800- to 1,000-student graduating classes the current classes are about half that size. What options does the administrator want to keep open when we don't need any new buildings and higher taxes?