Kirkwood Board President's Response to Prop A Loss

View video of Kirkwood School Board President E.J. Miller's Response to Prop A Loss and read Tax Fairly's response

The below video link is the last few minutes of the Nov. 19, 2015, Kirkwood School District Board meeting.  It contains just the comments in regards to the Prop A loss.

Youtube_logo.pngMr. Miller starts off by saying that the district enrollment increased by 1,000 students. Below is the actual enrollment history from the Kirkwood School District 2015-2016 Budget, Page 94, which clearly shows that since 1989 the district enrollment has not increased anywhere near 1,000 students. 

The enrollment increase includes 120 students whose parents are employees who do not live in the district and do not pay KSD taxes.  Despite this and the generous benefits, they attend KSD schools without paying tuition. Mr. Miller does not also say that the enrollment increase includes 140 transfer students from decertified districts who will soon be returning to their home districts.

Mr. Miller states that revenue has remained relatively flat for the past seven years.  Also below is the actual Kirkwood School District 2015-2016 budget, Page 101, which shows that in the last 10 years school district revenue have increased 64%.  He selectively uses dates to mask overspending.  Listed below the data is a graph that compares the growth in revenue to the CPI which is used to determine Social Security COLA's.

Mr. Miller also claimed that "scare tactics" and "politics of division" were employed.  Tax Fairly simply used facts about individual home owners' tax increases to inform people what their tax increase would be.  The Board is guilty of the politics of division because it employed loopholes to pay for capital expenditures in 2013 when the voters rejected the projects at the ballot box in 2013. Learn more from this article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from August 2013.