New Questions

Tax Fairly, despite the passage of Proposition K, still hopes that the Kirkwood School District will lower unnecessary spending.  It has posed the following questions to the Kirkwood School Board on June 6, 2017 since the Board did not take questions during its Budget Hearing help on June 5, 2017.  The questions are listed below.  We are hoping for a response within the next few weeks.  We will pass it on once we receive the responses. 

  1. Will the district continue to provide free Healthcare, Vision and Dental to employees?
  2. Will the district continue to provide free tuition to the children of non-resident employees and SSD employees?  If so, how many students will this be for the 2017-2018 year?
  3. Would the board consider combining the Technology and Maintenance funds into the general fund?
  4. Will the district attempt to provide free pre-K to all resident children in the next five years?  If so, what will be the projected enrollment and estimated cost?
  5. Is the board considering a bond offering to pay for a new building(s)?
  6. How long will the recent operating tax increase last the Board seeks another tax increase?
  7. We have been requesting the results of the more recent Puentdura SAMR Model Teacher Technology Survey similar to the one attached since March 25, 2016.  Dr. Painter, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum,  committed to providing the results to the new study done in March 2016 to be forwarded in late 2016.  He has not responded to my repeated requests for the new results.  If you need help understanding what the SAMR model is we would be happy to explain it and its significance to you.  Misuse of the technology fund is what the first report revealed to Tax Fairly.  We are curious if that is still the case today and a similar survey could help reveal that possibility.  Could you please post the results?

We also responded that Martin Bennet, the Tax Fairly Treasurer, would accept Brent Heinrich's invitation made on December 7, 2016 to the new Budget and Revenue Committee that is being formed.  The full email is available on our Facebook page.