Rate Estimate

Residential KSD District Tax Rate Estimates in Regard to Proposition K

Many times in the past months since Prop K has been planned the District has shown our tax rate to be about the middle of County School Districts. The tax rate alone without taking into account the assessed value is misleading. Now, with reassessment just completed, the rate comparison for Kirkwood property owners’ situation is shocking. If Prop K passes the rate increases 46 cents. If it fails it drops 26 cents. Does that mean there will be a 72 cents swing in your taxes? No! Because the rollback won’t decrease your taxes; its purpose is to keep them about the same if without a big physical change, such as a knockdown or home addition, to homes nearby where you live.

Many home owners taxes will increases of 10% - 20% - 30%, and even more due to reassessments, for those individuals the guide the district provided no longer works. The lower rate will occur because across-the-district reassessment increased property values for tax purposes by 10%.  Rollback procedures protect taxpayers from non-voter approved increases by limiting increases on existing properties to the Consumer Price Index increase. In our case 26 cents is to be subtracted from the 2016 rate. On 3/25/2017 the district announced the 26 cent rollback.

  • 2016 Rate used after final adjustment in the fall of 2016 :$ 4.1734
  • Projected Rate if Prop K passes:   $4.2384 (As announced by the District, Final calculation TBD 10/1/2017)
  • Projected Rate if Prop K fails: $3.9181

We have calculate $3.9134. We are certain we won’t be more than a penny off when it is all said and done. We continue to encourage the District to be  more transparent with voters and think this provides the impetus for them to do so.  Given that Election Day is fast approaching and many voters are frustrated and confused with reassessments, we are releasing this information ‎in the interests of an informed voting public.