Please attend Rate Hearing - September 11th at 5:00 PM

We are encouraging you to help lobby the Kirkwood School Board to lower the district tax rate by appearing at the Monday, Sept. 11 Kirkwood School District Plan/Work Session.  The meeting will be at 5 P.M. at the district office at 11289 Manchester Road.  If you can't make it, contact School Board members and make your voice heard.  Click here to link to the site that has the board members' email addresses.

Tax Fairly has reviewed the published Kirkwood School District budget for 2017-18 and has determined that it will generate a one-time $1.8 million surplus.  The sources of this surplus include $1.3 million left over from last year and an increase in revenue because of the release of $588,000 in disputed property taxes by the State Tax Commission.

In addition, the increase in assessed property values and a greater-than-expected CPI increase is scheduled to bring in $6.5 million -- not the $5.8 million the district estimated it would generate.  Thus, there will be $700,000 more in operating revenue indefinitely than was estimated during the Proposition K campaign.  

This comes to $2.6 million more in the 2017-2018 budget than what the board said it needed when promoting a tax increase last April. This situation is exactly what we were concerned about.  We expressed our concerns to several board and administration members on Dec. 7, 2016, when we were invited by then-Superintendent Tom Williams to meet with him and several board members.  You will recall that Tax Fairly recommended the board wait until after the St. Louis County bi-annual property tax assessments were completed to hold a tax election.  The district held the tax election months before the assessments were finalized. That is the cause of this potential overt-taxation. 

We need your help in urging the district to roll back taxes since the district is collecting $2.6 million more than it said it needed just last April. Because of the way public bureaucracies work, 
the district will most likely overtax residents if we do not act.