Responding To Tom Williams' Letter to the Editor of the Webster-Kirkwood Times

Dr. Williams Has Mischaracterized Tax Fairly and Here Are the Facts.  Click on Read more.

On Nov. 28, 2016, Tax Fairly was invited to meet with district officials to discuss a possible tax increase. On Dec. 7, we met with Superintendent Tom Williams, chief financial officer Mike Romay, board president Darnel Frost and board member Bret Heinrich.  They sought Tax Fairly's support for a tax increase and wanted to know what they could offer to gain our support.  We offered to advise them on how to lower spending and then determine if a tax increase was warranted.  But to do so, we asked for more transparency from the district and more time to research solutions.  


We committed to meeting with and advising budget personnel provided they wait until November 2017 for a possible vote on another tax increase. Here is the text of our email and here is a pdf of the email thread that shows that we met with Dr. Williams and that he received of our follow-up correspondence.  This exchange clearly shows that we offered to work with the district for a solution and that Dr. Williams' Feb. 2 statements in the Webster-Kirkwood Times letter to the editor are misleading.   


Read the third sentence in our email and then read the first paragraph of his letter (both shown immediately below).  Then, ask yourself if you think our position is what he claims it is.  


Tax Fairly's Dec. 8 email to Tom Williams:  "We believe that we can help you meet the needs of all community stakeholders and ensure passage of a ballot initiative that a high level of the community could support."


Tom Williams' Feb. 2 letter:  I would like to point out that the "no tax under any circumstance group" led by Martin Bennet is only interested in ensuring Kirkwood School District taxes do not increase at any cost."