The Kirkwood School District can save money by doing  any number of cost saving activities.  While we are pleased the District has  re-initiated a Finance Committee and has not grossly overpaid the new Superintendent there are several things the District can do to offset another tax increase.  These ideas are listed in detail in the subpages.  They are not new ideas but simply have not been initiated

Kirkwood's median teacher salary is the second highest in the state. It's above even that of Clayton, the wealthiest district in the state, and thousands more than the Ladue, Lindbergh, Parkway, Rockwood, and Webster Groves districts. Kirkwood administrators are the highest-paid.   The increase in salary has not affected ACT performance and College readiness. Despite a big increase in salaries and spending over 10 years,  Kirkwood’s ACT score average has decreased over that time period.  There has been little change in the percentage of Kirkwood graduates who graduate with a post-secondary degree within six years of entering Missouri public institutions of higher education.  Middle-class and fixed-income seniors have not seen an increase in family income while expenses -- taxes, health-care costs, and post-secondary educational costs -- have risen dramatically.