Taxpayer Questions

The link below is a list of questions that we ask the Kirkwood School District Board Members and Administrators.  Click the button below to see what we are asking the district.  We will update it once we get the answer(s) to our questions.

We are making this list available for several reason.  First, the District's responses are many times long after we ask the questions.  Secondly, our hope is that you will help by reminding the Board Members to answer our questions.  Third, we want to lower the lack of transparency and withholding of information that we regularly experience.  We believe that if more people asked them for the answers we are seeking they will provide the information in a more timely and complete manner.

That being written, we also are realistic and realize that answering our questions is not their primary role and they have other, pressing concerns.  So,  for that reason we expect a 2 or 3 week turn-around response to our questions unless they are easy to answer.