The Information Not Reported in Webster-Kirkwood Times

The October 20, 2017 Webster-Kirkwood Times story about Kirkwood School enrollment did not provide some very important facts about enrollment and taxes. 

First, total, not resident, enrollment grew by only 24 students.

Secondly, there are approximately 150 students counted as “residents” who are the children of non-tax paying employees which far exceeds the 115 new reported students.  This Orwellian word usage continually attempts to hide a costly burden to tax payers and deceptively masks the low growth in enrollment.  The neighboring Parkway School District does not provide this benefit and does not put the added financial burden on its taxpayers. Kirkwood should not either due to the high taxes, increases in healthcare and education costs, and low income growth suffered by middle and lower income Americans. 

Third, the 2017 Property Tax Reassessment produced $700,000 per year more than what the district said would be need from the Proposition K tax hike.  This amount with other funds combines to provide a surprise $2.6 Million one-time increase in revenue. The board did not roll back a corresponding amount in taxes that would have relieved tax payers, many of whom are paying much more due to the 2017 Property Tax reassessments.