Vote for Williams and Bernardi on April 3rd

Tax Fairly recommends that you vote for Greg Williams and Angie Bernardi in the upcoming School Board election on April 3rd.  While we are not certain that they will always vote with Tax Fairly's fiscally responsible platform, we believe that these two hold positions that are more closely aligned with ours than the other two candidates who previously served as leaders of the pro-tax increase Prop A and Prop K Committees. 

Greg Williams is a father of three minor children who is involved at St Peters Roman Catholic Church.  He works professionally with K-12 school districts to determine operational cost savings and reviews many K-12 budgets.  This is a fundamental knowledge and skill to understanding how the district can possibly lower spending and save taxpayers money.  He opposes taxpayer supported pre-school but supports public/private initiatives such as the Kirkwood Every Child Promise Community Initiative.  He opposed Prop A but supported Prop K.

Angie Bernardi is a full-time mother of three college-age and adult sons. Angie has an impressive business resume and is a fixture at KSD committee meetings. She is the only incumbent running. She has been an active member of St. Peters Roman Catholic Church for 27 years. She has demonstrated a willingness to listen to our concerns over the years. Although she voted to put Prop A on the ballot in 2015 as a new Board Member, she eventually came to agree with us that $.78 per assessed $100 dollars of value was too great an amount. She believes in the benefits of early childhood education and is a member of Kirkwood Every Child Promise Community Initiative, but she thinks it would not be fiscally responsible to support Kirkwood School District taxpayer supported pre-school since the current budget does not allow for it.  She supported Prop K.

We are offering to put up their yard signs in your lawn if you would like one.  This will allow you to be anonymous to the candidates.  Please send us an email to this email if you would like a yard sign and include your physical address.

Please contact them yourself if you have questions or would like more information.