Your 10 Tax Growth

Please read this page and then click on the logo marked "CLICK HERE" below.  It is a link to a site that shows MOST Kirkwood School District addresses.  Go there and type in your address.    Some of the data from the county was on apartments and condominiums which we could not sort from the table provided by the county.


The information was obtained from publicly available data provided by the St. Louis County Revenue and Assessment offices.  It starts at 2005 because the district has been emphasizing that the tax rate has not increased since 2005. Sixty-five percent (65%) of homes have had significant tax increases since 2005 due to reassessments that occur every two years.  What you will probably find is the amount that you were billed in school district taxes is probably higher due to the assessment increases. This does not include other taxes that you paid, just school taxes.  

There are several elements to the data: 2005 Taxes, 2014 Taxes, 9 year percentage increase, 2015 estimated taxes, 2016 estimated taxes, and the amount of your Proposition A annual tax increase.  The district has provided a generic table that provides similar information if you know your current assessed value.  Click here to access the District's spreadsheet.

The information includes the School District taxes billed since 2005 on the address entered and the new school district tax amount of property taxes that will result from the tax increase if it passes.  The 2015 tax increase information is based on your new assessed value.  The 2016 tax amount is what will happen if the tax hike passes.

There may have been other Other Charges that were included in your St. Louis County bill that you have paid but are not included in what you will find from the query.  Those were other fees and charges from other governmental agencies beyond property taxes and may include:

  • The rest of the taxes you pay to other government entities
  • Bad check fees ($15.00 each).
  • Commercial surcharges.
  • Sewer lateral fee, which is an amount determined by your jurisdiction but is often $18, $28 or $50.
  • Special assessment charges, interest and penalties.
  • Surcharge interest and penalties.

This means that the charged revenue is different from the information on the St. Louis County Department of Revenue site.  These fees and charges do not affect your KSD tax bill now or in the future.